First, let me say to Yusef: OMWC and I are beyond words over the loss of your Wendy. Many people will never be lucky enough to know the kind of love you had together. Hold on to that, because it truly does endure – and while the loss is ripping your heart out right now, that great love is strong and resilient and will see you through over the long haul.

You know you can always reach out to the Glibs family. OK, so we’re a weird, opinionated, dysfunctional, politically incorrect, unattractive, sometimes quarrelsome family, but we’re family and we care.



We don’t celebrate “Hallmark Holidays” in our marriage. If your relationship is solid, you’re probably thinking of little (and big) things you can do to please your beloved all the time, year ’round. We always cook great meals, drink bubbly just because it’s Tuesday and we like it (and each other), and if I see something I know OMWC would enjoy, I pick it up whether a gift-giving occasion is nigh or not.

I’ve had friends who think that if their significant other doesn’t go all out on gifts and hoopla, especially on Valentine’s Day, that it means they aren’t loved. Well, honey, if that’s how you measure it, maybe you’d be better off alone.

When I was a small child, I hated the forced parties and obligatory all-classmate-card-giving that the school demanded. I’d often try to be “sick” that day just so I didn’t have to go through it. Sometimes my Dad was sympathetic and let me ditch.



Well, of course, none of this means I wouldn’t love some yellow roses today. But I’d love them just as much any other day, and maybe more, because they’d do less damage to our checking account.


So. Now that I’m done ranting, let’s see what’s happening in the world, shall we?



Tulip, beware of online dating.

Now we know what Swiss does when he isn’t here.

Tired of paying your student loans? Just do this instead!

My eyes rolled so far back, I could see children dying of COVID-19 in China.

Fuck you.

Cut spending.


You knew this was coming.


Have as good a day as you can manage, kids!