Now that I’m finished with my holiday time off for the Winter, everything seems kind of…”meh”.  The incessant droning from the media about OrangeManBad, diseases, and people who I’ve never met up and dying, it’s a wonder I get out of bed sometimes.  Well, on to the Shift-posting; let’s see if there’s anything worth laughing over:


News you can use?  There’s a bit of “Hmmm…”, and a lot of “Nope!” in there.  But, I posted mainly because I like the British/Commonwealth pronunciation (you know what I mean).

So that’s how they afford living there!  This one is because of the picture.

The NAP notwithstanding, I’m starting to view the people sporting his merch the same way I view people wearing balaclavas in the Summer—as a very real threat to my life.

Apparently, obtaining customers is now bad for business.  Is this why many of the restaurants on DoorDash in my area don’t have customization?  I do think Jazz (::snickers::) is missing a point or two here.  That said, should restaurants really be closing off these customer avenues?

Twelve minutes of an awesome kitteh.  For those of you so inclined.

Minute and a half of an awesome human.  Question:  Do I go after him for possible infringement?  Nah—I’ll leave him to his work.

Something about this reminds me of The Band

Question(s) for our resident attorneys:  Are you aware of any attorneys who, as a part of their practice, sue the families of criminals who sue when their precious waste-of-space gets killed in self-defense?  Is that even a ‘thing’?  Do most defendants in these situations just accept the attorneys fees judgment (if that’s available to them) when the families, hopefully-lose the suit?  Is it common to just file a counter-suit against the plaintiff families in those situations?  If you have a story that fits this scenario, I’d love to hear it.

I was thinking I would forego music this week.  However, I realized I just had to dedicate a song to Festus.  I couldn’t rightly go with the original, as I don’t want to hear Olive Oyl sing.  You lot can supply any/all other music.


Alright; this oughta be enough to wrap up the week.  Spread the word about the Night Shift, get rested before-hand, and, let’s Make Late Night Great Again!  Huh…this sloganeering-acronyming is more difficult than I thought.  Oh, well—get cracking on the comments, y’all.