Editor’s note: You all know what happened. We dropped the ball and didn’t get the post scheduled last weekend. So here it is! Better late than never. Right?


My geographical area narrowly missed inclement weather.  However, I’m still cold, and my mind isn’t exactly a raging torrent filled with rivulets of thought (Seriously; me?!).  And, this is the Night Shift before VD…er, Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure there is plenty to be said about everyone’s favorite Hallmark moment.  So—click, read, comment:


Does this even merit an ‘Oops’?  Note to NY parasites:  CJ reform isn’t simply a matter of not prosecuting people.  Especially violent people.

And, you thought that Steve was the boorish one.

Maasai having fun.  From everything I’ve ever seen about them, the Maasai seem like some truly awesome people.

Physically impossible, you assholes!!

In Soviet Russia

Hey—as long as you did your best to avoid accountability or compassion

As seen over on the Glibs Discord server–  We have Crusty, but, they have Rickc-137.

Staying on topic (sort of):  Some people take that paleo diet stuff to the extreme.  Make those ‘teachers are full of crap’ jokes, people!

If any of you Nor’ Eastern folks can wrangle me up some Moon Mist ice cream,  there may just be a crisp fiver in it for ya…  Seriously, though, if you can, let’s talk acquisition and reimbursement.

Finally, I know that I usually link music in these things*.  However, given that virtually anyone not affected by TDS is a Russian agent, I figured some of you might want to go whole hog with it.  Пожалуйста.


OK, have at it; chat, link, talk about going to sleep—whatevs.  Oh, and hat tip to Derpy (where the hell has he gone?) for introducing me to the various works of the animator of that clip.  You’re my hero.