The Veto Party.

This past year I finally hit the age requirement for running for President of these here “United” States. Now, I could try running as a Libertarian. But, I have a different idea. I actually came up with this idea many years ago, back in high school when I identified as a conservative Republican (I’d argue I was always libertarian, I just didn’t know how to label myself quite yet). Yes, this year I am running for President in affiliation with my self-created party, the Veto Party.

The Veto Party’s philosophy is simple. All bills that make it to my desk as President will be vetoed regardless of their content. It does not matter if I hate the bill, if I agree with the bill, the popularity of the bill, or the importance of the bill. It will be vetoed. If it is important enough that it needs pass, Congress can do so with two-thirds of its members. Yes, I know many awful bills will still pass, but if I can slow the onslaught even one iota, I think that would be best.

Now, an idea I have toyed with, is signing all bills that make the government smaller or increase liberty. I, however, have my doubts about even making this exception. It takes away from the simplicity of the party and the entire philosophy. It occurs to me that if I make this one exception, that it could lead to a slippery slope of other exceptions in the future. Please feel free to argue the pros and cons of this in the comments, I might even read them, but I reserve the right to veto any suggestion.


Veto Party Platform: Veto Everything.

Presidential Candidate: BangingLC1

“As unstable as I am, I’m still better than the alternatives!” – BLC1