Happy Thursday, everybody. My spousal unit kept the kids home from school today so that she could take them to pick up her mother from the airport, and then they were going to Busch Gardens. Judging by the pure crazy of the two about 9:30am, I will hear stories of woe and disaster that start with, “YOUR sons…” Somehow they’re always my sons when they are being terrorists. Other than that, its been another beautiful day. Also we are making copycat KFC bowls for dinner. Its not healthy, but its delicious. I wonder, at what point did I get cheap enough to make copycat versions of something I can just go order 5 of for like, $20?

I love to hate everyone involved with this.

The Hat and Hair are probably involved with this.

Venomous Snot Blobs — band name or album?

Can I tell you how excited I am that politics has devolved into a name-calling contest? These must be our best and brightest!