Better win this year, because there won’t be a next year.

Penn State beat Rutgers, Nova beat St Johns, and UVA seems to have righted the ship completely, as they knocked off their fiercest rival. The biggest ticket-sellers in the country look to end some confusion (and crowd out competition, obviously). Your hockey winners were Colorado, Vegas, and LA. And in the UCL, a pair of stunning results as Man City won at Real Madrid, and Sergio Ramos will have to sit in the return leg. Lyon also beat Juventus. And Rangers knocked Braga out of the Europa League, who play the rest of their second legs today.

Maybe these girls can help straighten the poet out.

Roman Emperor Constantine, who was the first Emperor to accept Christianity, was born on this day. He shares it with poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, boring author John Steinbeck, golf legend Gene Sarazen, the lovely Joanne Woodward, the more lovely Elizabeth Taylor, automotive industry-assassin Ralph Nader, Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith, acting legend Adam Baldwin, first daughter, journalist, and philanthropist grifter Chelsea Clinton, and crooner Josh Groban.

Right, let’s get on to…the links!

Christ, what an asshole. Too bad they can’t, you know, just hang the bastard.

It looks like we have the first coronavirus case in the US that wasn’t imported. We’ll have more today.  Meanwhile Trump taps Race Bannon to head up our response. SO be prepared for someone else to be on the Team Red ticket this fall when Pence does something wrong (or that causes a media meltdown when he doesn’t manage to do the impossible) and Trump discards him.

Give this man a new trial. (And start trying government officials for the same thing when, you know, they do the same thing>)

The Roger Stone case gets weirder by the day. I can’t see how this doesn’t result in a mistrial, but it’s the DC circuit, so nothing would surprise me at this point.

Some crazy asshole decided to settle the “Less Filling/Taste’s Great” debate once and for all. What a gutless prick.

As if they don’t have real problems to deal with in those shitholes. Those who would erase art from the past are the worst of the worst. But I guess it takes the spotlight off the horrible job these people have done actually, you know, teaching kids.

I would imagine this comes as no surprise. It sure didn’t from me.  Birds of a feather, and all that.

Maybe Bernie Sanders can say how Hitler, for all his faults, at least cared about proper anti-viral protections now.

Sorry, CDC, I’ll take my chances. I mean, most of those masks are useless anyway. And I have full hazmat suits hanging in the closet anyway, suckers!

Anybody who would trust Tesla’s autopilot like this will end up like this. Seriously, don’t rely on autopilot if you’re playing games on your phone. Learn to multitask better and handle both duties on your own.

The birthdays and the links gave me this song for the day. Enjoy it.

Go have a great coronavirus-free day, friends!