There was a huge memorial

That was fun to watch.

service for Kobe Bryant yesterday while his wife filed suit against the company whose pilot flew all those people into the side of that hill. Which is what anybody with any sense would have done, in my opinion.  Altuve got thrown at in a preseason game, which should surprise nobody. Liverpool won one of the most entertaining games I’ve seen this season. And FSU thumped Louisville on the hardcourt.

As for the NHL, I’m gonna hope one of you with more knowledge can make sense of trade deadline deals. Because there were a ton of them and I’m still trying to get my head around what went down. Also, there was only one game, with Columbus knocking off Ottawa in OT.


If you were born on this day, congratulations!  You share it with Gerrit Schimmelpenninck, Dutch earl of Nijenhuis/Peckedam. He wasn’t that famous but the name was worth mentioning.  You also share it with impressionist Pierre Auguste Renoir, namesake of an atrocious airport John Dulles, comedic actor Zeppo Marx, actor Jim Backus, novelist Anthony Burgess, tennis player and showman Bobby Riggs, talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael, baseball HOFer Ron Santo, one of the most positive human beings in the world, beloved by all who know him George Harrison, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, bespectacled cager Kurt Rambis, (alleged) comedian Carrot Top, and “Parks & Rec” actress Rashida Jones.

Right, on to…the links!

Bad dude.

“Close, personal friend” of Hillary Clinton Hosni Mubarak has died. Oh yeah, he was also a freedom-sapping butcher.

Looks like the whole “the Russians are helping Trump” leak was bullshit. At least that’s what the intel agency who allegedly told some anonymous congresspeople according to people with knowledge of the meeting are now saying on the record.

Close enough for government work. Especially when it results in fleecing the people for more of their hard-earned money.  And these are the people who will effectively run your healthcare, energy distribution and half the other things in your life if certain people get their way.

The Chicago Public School system continues to live up to its reputation. If this surprises you, you must have been in a coma for the last several decades. But don’t worry, the union staff will continue to make bank…even after they retire.

Trump asks for $2.5B to fight coronavirus. And it looks like the Dems may try to block it to score political points.  That’s a pretty bold strategy. Let’s seesaw it plays out in the court of public opinion.

Coming soon to Silicon Valley?

Popcorn! Get your popcorn here, folks! Hot and buttery. Just delicious.

Just in case you’d forgotten, China jails people who don’t bend a knee to their communist government. Why? Because communism is based on subjugation.

Song #1Song #2Song #3. Yes, he deserves it. Dude is legend as a human being and was a fine musician as well.

Now go out and have an inspired day, friends!