Ha, Duke lost to lowly Wake Forest.  That’s hilarious.  MSU beat Iowa in the wild Big Ten. And Dayton won again as they chase a potential 1-seed.  Go Flyers!  On the ice, your winners were Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, NYR, Philly, Washington, Dallas, New Jersey, St Louis (in a crazy game over Chicago), Nashville, Minnesooooooda, Florida, and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

Pretty much sums it up.

Across the pond, Napoli and Barcelona played to a listless 1-1 draw and Bayern Munich thumped Chelsea 3-0. Man City-Real Madrid and Lyon-Juventus play their first leg today.

French author Victor Hugo was born on this day. As were jeans-maker extraordinaire Levi Strauss, “Buffalo Bill” Cody, chemical magnate Herbert Henry Dow, hurler Grover Cleveland Alexander, cartoonist Tex Avery, comedic genius Jackie Gleason, rock-n-roll legend Fats Domino, “The Man In Black” Johnny Cash, Turkish strongman Recep Erdoğan, douchebag politician Tim Kaine, and rally car legend Sebastian Loeb.

My feelings exactly!

Alrighty then, let’s get to…the links!

I wonder if they’ll have Hot Pockets in the prison commissary? I wonder when they’ll start trying the people from the universities that took the money?  Is that coming anytime soon?


If you thought the last Dem debate was a shitshow, you should have watched this one. Hoo-boy. That was absolute insanity. Also, how do they allocate tickets to these things? Do they find the craziest people outside and give them as many tickets as they want? Because that crowd added to the chaos.

The CDC pushes the panic button on the coronavirus. They’re joining the WHO, and every other government, who are shitting their pants over it.

Chicago fails at everything. Why don’t they just let these people become cops. It would probably be safer than what are patrolling the streets.

Damn, that’s a tough way to go. Also, that was either a big-ass suitcase or he’s Bloomberg-esque in stature.

Coming soon to a California reservoir near you.

I wonder how they’ll use this to steal more water from the Central Valley farmers? Because that’s the inevitable outcome here.

Fuck due process and fuck your oath of office, says NM governor. Jesus, these people are trying to lose every single supporter of individual rights that are out there.  I wonder, though, if there are that many left.

I just wanted to hear this for some reason. Also, midgets!

Go have a great day, friends!