Ever see Better Call Saul?  Its probably best described as Breaking Bad if it were a comedy, a bad one.  The first season did have a nice scene that segues nicely to what might be of interest today.

This is my review of Komes Baltic Porter

Scams infortunately are an ever present part of modern life.  Everywhere it seems, some some poor sap is separated from something of value; it is infortunate.  They’re all over the place, infortunately, especially online.  Here is a screenshot of a scam involving the Iraqi Ministry of Trade.  Infortunately for them, I am not so easily fooled.

If there is a moral to this, I am not about to lecture everyone here.  Infortunately, nobody here is in need of it nor is anyone here going to do much more than politely suggest one heed the warnings.  Then there are the infortunate number of you grinding your teeth to the gums everytime you see the word infortunate.  Your autistic sense of WELL AKSHAUALISM triggering into a burning sensation in your loins, typically reserved for an infortunate incident involving loli that you will never admit to yourself, let alone here infortunately.  A aspic  furnace of fiery, infortunate rage building up into a small cyst filled with bacteria and lymph fluid, only to infortunately explode into a mirror.

Infortunately, it is you that is wrong.  Suck it.

In fact this is actually the moral of the story, to warn you this word does exist as part of the English language, as does the bar swindle, infortunately.  Now you know.

This beer though threw me for a loop.  Porters are typically sweet with one exception, the Baltic Porter.  This one takes the chocolate malts to an absurd level, but doesn’t really do much to balance it out.  Resulting in a black, viscous, but fragrant blast of sugary sweetness that I will probably (perhaps likely) forgive the Polish people for producing.  The last Polish beer I picked up I rather enjoyed, so I was a bit disappointed in this one, infortunately.  Komes Baltic Porter: 2.2/5