Hey Glibs, I’m endeavoring to put together links that are Coronavirus free, or at least Corona Lite, but it’s difficult when even stories about Prince Harry (and I guess Meghan, Duchess of Sussex if you’re into that sort of thing) moving to LA has to be about the ‘rona: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have moved to Los Angeles amid coronavirus outbreak. We get that whoever is in charge of your clickbaity-SEO bullshit has told you to do this, but just include some pictures of his butt* that were supposed to stay in Vegas.

  • MTA train operator dies while evacuating passengers from a fire. I’ll bet his family wished he’d gotten home safely.
  • And lions and lambs shall lie down together in the Knesset.
  • SPACE FORCE secure communications network, rocket porn.

*not exactly safe for work, but you’re working from home so take a gander

Work in the time of Coronavirus PSA: Employers are giving their staff some kind of CISA critical employee letters. The employees are then sharing them with their friends saying they allow you to be out of the house during the shelter-in-place event. It’s complete horseshit. Don’t feed the fear if you’re in a position to.