This is the end of my first week of shelter in place or safer at home or whatever the fuck my incompetent governor calls it. I’m lucky to have a pretty good-sized house and enough to eat. I still understand how Kirk felt when Khan marooned him in the cave and stole the Genesis device.

Working from home is off to a rocky start. My daughters have been respectful of my time. Wifey less so. But the problem is me. I do not equate being at home with hours of focused work. That will change this coming week.

This past week was the first one in which I dumped “load management.” I’ve been doing the AthleanX bodyweight circuit for the past week. But this week I went full Goggins. Sunday, in theory, should have been a day off. I went running. Monday I did the circuit full blast but only made it through once. Monday night was additional conditioning. Tuesday I did conditioning both morning and evening.  Wednesday was the circuit and I made it through twice. I was totally gassed. Thursday was conditioning both morning and night. Friday, I did the circuit twice and more conditioning. These longer days help. I finally felt like I gave my all. I’m starting to get Goggins’ point.  If I keep this up it’ll be my ass in the first GIF.


This at home confinement blows.  Some of us have more work than we did before this shitstorm. (Hi Nephilium.)  Others have less work or even none.  You can use the current circumstances to avoid working out or make it work for you.  Always ask yourself, WWGD?  No doubt some of you are sick of me beating that drum.  But I’m not stopping.  I think this is as much about our mental health as our physical health.  If you’re stuck, hesitant, tired, feeling defeated, etc. ask yourself, “what if I could?

We can all use a laugh and some heavy metal.  Here this week’s music link.  Here’s an extra one for MikeS.