I got my terrain materials back, still in boxes, but UCS has been waiting, so I mentioned it and got this reply from Pan Fryed Wylie — “Pics! Or GTFO!”

Since I didn’t have any pics to share I figured I’d make some. The goal was simple, get a base, and use existing materials to build a diorama, but what? Where? I like to build from an idea, then let it kind of freeform, but what theme? Army men get boring, so I looked around and found some fishermen, hmm sounds intriguing.


Start with a base.


Next add texture.


Then smooth at your water area.


Now you are ready for some paint, you need this for your base to look cool when finished, plus the acrylic seals everything nicely, like so.


Some water effects.


Next we want to add our trails and grass.


Now we are getting somewhere.


On to the shrubbery!


Whenever you do a water scene you need to be real careful as to the steps and order, too soon and you get Grass all over your water, too late, and you don’t have room to work due to trees, etc.so you can’t just slap shit down and expect a good result, forethought is required. I wanted some Reeds and ended up with Cattails, which is waaay better, I love the look.



Then we start adding trees.


And shrubs.



After that, we added the whitewater. Still drying, but the effect is already there,



Yet more shrubs and trees


And, Voila!


The Result. I’m blown away, things really fell into place.




This is a top three on my list of coolness, I was wondering if I still had it. I guess I do.

Gallery with lots of other cool pics. More Yusef.