Call me Ishmael!

Wait:  I’ve been told that stealing great lines from great works that aren’t really related to one’s topic is ill-advised.  I repent.


Starting over >>>  It’s been a while since our last crossword . . . . maybe for good reason.  But since most Glibs are all about the gun prOn, I figure it’s okay to toss this out there, and then we can just go off-thread immediately like we do the rest of the time.  Think of it as our standard Glib circle-jerk, only with homework.

The answers to the questions are almost always gun manufacturers and inventors.  There is some fringe stuff, but half of you Animal will zip through all of it in three minutes.


And cut me some slack:  if I characterized, say, Wilson, as a pistol shop but you know they’ve also built some great full-automatic shotguns, well, I’m talking about the normal stuff or the main stuff.

I also took some liberties with designations so as not to betray some of the names/answers.  So if you’re obsessed with calling a trenchgun by some other exact initials, don’t change for me, but that’s what “W97” would mean in my nomenclature.


I figure the best format is PDF; I tried to make it easy to print.  SP or someone figured out the link and a place to put it:  I don’t know the proper incantations.  The solution is on page four.

Any here’s some gun noise to listen to while you whittle on the puzzle.


It was the devious-cruising Rachel, that in her retracing search after her missing children, only found another orphan.