Not this year

There’s really not much going on in sports, aside from NFL deals, college transfers, and the Tokyo Olympics about to be postponed.  Sorry, all. I really enjoyed doing those updates a lot more than I realized. But they’re gone for the foreseeable future. If any of you have an idea for a replacement, let me know. Because I’m coming up with nothing.

The Big Bopper

Famous people born on this day include actress Joan Crawford, brilliant director Akira Kurosawa, German rocket scientist Werner von Braun, record-breaking runner Roger Bannister, major leaguer Lee May, The Cars’ Ric Ocasek, basketball star Moses Malone, acting legend Richard Grieco, TV personality Perez Hilton, distance runner Mo Farah, and basketball star Jason Kidd.

OK, moving on to…the links!

A great woman

A wonderful and brave woman has passed away. What a touching story abut a fearless human being.

The stock markets shits the bed again as Senate Dems block the stimulus bill. The bill is a shitty waste of taxpayer money. Unfortunately, they’re holding out for even more.  Let’s see how the media spins it. Stay classy, Gray Lady.

Wait, what? This can’t be real. Dude had a few people in his hotel room and the cops arrested him for having three things that are clearly legal in every sense of the word. Fucking Chicago.

Get well soon, Rand!

Rand Paul is the first Senator to test positive for the Coronavirus. I like Rand, generally, but why the fuck was he working out at the gym while awaiting his test results?

New York is rapidly approaching a crisis. This doesn’t bode well for the millions there who don’t even have the capacity to keep more than a few days worth of food at home.  But at least they don’t have to live with the hicks in flyover, right? Seriously, people there with sense need to GTFO out.  Oh that’s right…most of them don’t have a car either.

Soon to be posted at the Lincoln Tunnel

Well, this is some shit. Because his products are essential to a lot of people and that kind of pressure from public officials is just plain wrong.

Oil continues to plunge. Fine by me. It’s already at $1.69. Let’s see how low it can go!

This legend deserves more than one song. One. Two. Three. Damn, in these crazy times, I sure needed that. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

Now go out there, or stay in, and make it a great day.