::scans ESPN headlines::


Hondo’s roommate

Radical English Whig John Trenchard was born on this day. He shares it with chemist Robert Bunsen, expressionist painter and ear-cutter Vincent van Gogh, Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad, basketball legend and great guy Jerry Lucas, brilliant guitarist Eric Clapton, Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane, rapper MC Hammer, lovely-voiced singer Tracy Chapman, English blowhard Piers Morgan, American acting legend Ian Ziering, Canadien person Celine Dion, singer Norah Jones, andassclown and NFL player Richard Sherman.

Self-portrait of the master

That’s a diverse list. Now on to…the links!

Jacobin goes out of it’s way to write something stupid as shit. But to be honest, I’m sure there are a lot of leftists fapping wildly to this. And they are near or holding the levers of power. Which is scary.

We should work on out knot-making just in case government officials use this to further erode our freedoms.

Don’t stand so close to me. Or the government will stand close enough to you to give you a $500 ticket. And as if that wasn’t authoritarian enough…it gets worse. Fucking authoritarian assholes.

Ooh, look! A piece of good news in a world going to shit. Too bad this won’t be reported on much.

Now close the rest of them!

And something else pretty cool. If you’re into that.

In Chicagoland, some people continue living as they normally would during the panic. Spoiler alert: they’re grifting.

Expect more of this.

Real estate in west Texas is about to get a lot cheaper. Not that anybody wants to buy out there.

A song for the times. Hope you enjoy it.

Now get out there and have the best day you can. And cross your fingers.