What a bitch.


Even though I try not to, I spend way too much time sitting on my rear. Sadly the walls have slowly closed in, Homestead is now take out only, and we have to fend for ourselves on a weekend, much less the next two weeks. So instead of working in the garden on this glorious day, I’m sitting on the patio, smoking a cigar, drinking beer and writing links. 40 year old me is disgusted.


Full on ‘tard.


Am I wrong to think that there could be a silver lining with this whole global flu panic? I can see the potential for several positives coming from this “catastrophe”.


Gaia and the big tease.


Seriously, I would have put my money on France.


You know why I don’t count my steps? This is why I don’t count my steps.


See ya later, Kenny. This young man did a great cover of your classic.