And it is indeed starting to be glorious, the halo of sun on the horizon, promising the imminent appearance of the rosy fingers of dawn. As SHTF all around us, SP and I have comfortably continued our usual routine. We lost some treasured restaurant reservations, and an upcoming concert we had looked forward to is almost certainly going to get canceled. But… basically that’s it. I still go to work, we still pay our bills, and we feel horrible for the victims of the panic who are suddenly jobless or are losing their businesses.

On a more cheerful note, birthdays today include a drop in the bucket; a non-typical pianist; Mr. Notary Sojac himself (and someone who should be much better known, but foo); a Jew and a Nazi all at once; a guy about whom the less said the better; and proof that ham can be Kosher.

Now for the news.


Want useless symbolism involving government over-reach? Here’s useless symbolism involving government over-reach.


This had to be painful to write.


Because, of course, there’s no difference. Exactly the same thing. You’re all going to DIE. 


“We’re all Protestants now.”


This is why Harsanyi has long been one of my favorite writers.


Umm, please breathe the other way, Judy?


Waiting for the piles of burning corpses.



Old Guy Music is Young Girl Music. Someone was talking about this YouTube enigma in comments a few days back When will she reappear? Well, she still left us with some cool tracks.