I have a vague feeling that we may finally be hitting Peak Panic. It may plateau for a while, may spike briefly if a beloved celebrity or politician snuffs it, but I think we’re starting to see a burgeoning sense of, “Jesus fucking christ, enough already.” I hope I’m right.

Birthdays can’t be stopped, though the parties can. Nonetheless, we celebrate a shitbag president (but I repeat myself); a delightful character actor; “why the fuck is she still even alive????”; the guy who made my favorite horror film; and a shitbag NFL coach.

News next.


At last, our long national nightmare is over. Big Daddy is safe.


Assuming both candidates are still alive by then.


The best thing that could happen to NY school inmates students.


“OK, first you give a speech in Hymietown…”


I hope the thief left behind his tithe.


We may need to organize something like the Berlin Airlift.



Old Guy Music is Roy Clark going fucking insane on a 12 string.