Around June of 2301 I enlisted in the Service as a Navigator, I played a fair game, but I was far better as a Navigator, in your time they were called Caddies, and good ones were in short supply due to the Attacks on our HomeWorld. We did some initial training but it wasn’t really needed, like this sentence, so off we went, to the 25th Century.

At first we were tasked with taking out or boarding (boring) Raiders and small Pirates, but Between my Gunner and I we started picking up Aces. Within an Earth year we came to the attention of the higher ups, and were tasked with a Special, you know, the High risk, low reward missions you can’t turn down? Of Course we took it………

We practiced run ups in the Main corridor of the ship, designed for the mission, it was a full 250 yards long, all the way to the airlock, while I spent time running the numbers on our Shot. The Transit to the Tee Box was a bit erratic, too much beer I think, but we arrived on schedule, and prepared.



Now it was time to find out our true mission, Temporal HQ gave the order, MARS:25C:ANY:ALL

Oh Shit! I called Anon on the comm and told him and he’s like, That’s it? Easy! Maybe for him, but I have 24 hours to set up his shot or I miss the entire century, not cool, we lose rank and money, and By God, we are the best! Anon comes over and asks why the sad face?

I’m concerned about the Interstellar wind, thinking maybe a flex shot, sketchy though, if you miss, they could execute us. Is the shot setup?

He asks I got this, let’s go…

I rolled us up to 0.99c and Anon let her rip, we had a nice T Lense installed so we saw the flight,

I have never seen an 1100 year flight, but Anon did it, and when the planet Exploded, I asked what he used, Why, an Innova Destroyer of course.

Anon cannot be named, the time cops are still looking for him, I told him to stay away from younger girls, stick to your timeline!