Day 8: I spent the afternoon on a boat with my family.  The lake was mostly empty.  The death toll must be staggering.


If China didn’t cover up Tom Hanks Disease (THD), the number of cases could have been reduced by 95%.


Average age of Italian death from Tom Hanks Disease is 79.5, 99% were previously ill or had a pre-existing medical condition.


People with blood type A might be more susceptible to Tom Hanks Disease (THD).


Waiting for all those Democrats screaming Hitler for three years to say something about this.


First congressman to test positive for Tom Hanks Disease (THD).


HUD to suspend foreclosures and evictions until end of April.


Trump signs $100 billion THD relief package.  And has future plans to make it rain on the nation.


That’s all I got for today, I’ll leave you will a song and move along with my day.