So the olympics are officially done until next year. And since Winged Foot was closed because of the NY government, the US Open might not be happening this year. Stupid virus.  And that’s sports for today.

Poet Robert Frost was born on this day. He shares it with fashion house founder Guccio Gucci, flamboyant playwright Tennessee Williams, American General William Westmoreland, actor Strother Martin, Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, first female SC Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, terrorist state leader Mahmoud Abbas, actor Alan Arkin, liquor aficionado and big-spender Nancy Pelosi, singer Diana Ross, comic genius Martin Short, and the ever-lovely Keira Knightley.


Right, on to…the links!

Sounds like common sense to me. It’s called providing what people want rather than what activists are trying to force them to produce.

Let’s see if the markets can go for three in a row. Fingers crossed.

Live look at the Senate

Well, it’s unanimous: The Senate has officially lost its mind.

DOOM! DOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! This is quite the departure from what DeBlasio was saying in February when he told everybody to ignore the chatter and go to a parade or a movie.

The politics of pettiness. I guess the people who work at all those properties can just fuck right off, right Chuck?

More Knightley

And lest we forget about the oil and gas industry. I’m shocked they’re behind the curve, to be honest. I’d have expected this to have happened a week or two ago.

Here you go. Hope you enjoy it like I will.

Now go have a great day, friends!