For everyone here tasked with providing links over the past couple weeks, I am sorry I made fun of you for complaining there are nothing but Groupo Modelo branded links available.  Now time for the show.

Out:  The government sucks!  In:  Please lock us down, government.

el hombre de la gente.

Given what sometimes gets passed around in Mexico, Groupo Modelo brand plague might be the least of his worries.

I’ve been waiting on a celebrity to catch this and die.  Still waiting.

I don’t know why, but I still like this guy.

Focus on what’s really important, that’s the Argentine way.

How do you bribe somebody with money that is worth more as toilet paper?

When this is over, I bet we could crowdfund the cost of a cruise ship, and create our own sea-steading Glibertopia.



Let’s start a riot!