Well, I got my fancy new variable speed pool pump plumbed in. Gonna have an electrician do some rewiring at the main and pool box, and while he’s there twist up the wires to the pump tomorrow. As long has his quote wasn’t complete bullshit, and it shouldn’t be since he was out to the house to look at it, I’ll have replaced it for less than the cost of the pump at the pool store — thanks, Amazon! Should pay for itself in energy savings in less than 2 years.

I just kicked off a project (remotely, of course) with some co-workers from Bangalore. The highlight of my morning, “Hey, Brett. We totally forgot since we’re working from home and panic buying stuff, but tomorrow is a holiday, so we’re off.” It is all good, friends, thanks for the chuckle. Stay safe.

This seems like good news to me. I’d rather have my home LTV fall now than in 2-3 years. Prices are ridiculous. $200/sqft for these old houses?

Bernie sez, “I coulda done better.”

In Florida, at least, we are not seeing any acceleration of the Coronavirus. This is up less than 200 day-over-day, and 75 of the positives are out of state people come recently to Florida. Ratio of negative to positive continues to hold at about 9:1. Testing is also not shooting up by leaps and bounds. I also went out to look at the Johns Hopkins data-set, which the FDOH website uses for data outside of Florida. One of the interesting things about that data is that the US is one of the very few countries who has not recorded any “recovered” cases to the WHO. I have not yet discovered whether this is because the CDC does not have a definition of recovered, is sticking to a longer time-frame for asymptomatic “recovery”, or just hasn’t gotten around to reporting those numbers yet. Having some insight into how surveillance of this type works, nobody’s worried about that in the US right now because they’re still trying to get their arms around who is sick right now. What is important is that, globally, more than 1/4 of the cases in the big scary number are no longer sick.

What does this mean? Nothing really, but if Florida doesn’t see a huge uptick by the end of the week, double every 3 days would have us up from 1100 to 4400 positive cases by Friday. Again, a single cluster, one planeload who go out and infect a couple of grocery stores, could change this story.  The numbers locally continue to be too small to shrink the error bars, but we continue to trend away from the worst-case scenario. As does everywhere except within 100 mile radius of the Empire State building and a 40 mile radius of Bourbon Street. Expect a few more flare-ups in relatively dense areas before this is all over.