You know what’s better than having a car guy? A “retired” electrician who works for play money. Dude did all the work, put up with my six year old telling him random questions and was done in 3 hours. $65/hr plus $25 in materials. And its all right. He even drove a rod and grounded the pump. Something the last pump installer neglected in the lightning capital of the world. Some folks were asking me how my pump could pay for itself in 2 years. Here’s the deal: Old single speed pump drew 850W and ran for 8 hours a day at 3450 rpm. New variable speed pump draws 350W at 2400 rpm, and runs for 12 hours a day. So you used about 2/3rds the total kW/hrs. Moves the same amount of water.

We’ve also got the COVID-19 update. Positive tests up by 270, negative tests up by 2250. Ratio of positives is possibly starting to increase. Positives were 1100 and change Friday, so we’re up 50% in 5 days, but with rate increasing, so maybe 7 days to double. That would be closer to Korea than Italy.

Ugh. My local county has gone “stay at home”, although “non-essential” businesses are allowed to remain open. Of course, several authorities think their inferiors won’t do as they are told.

Whiskey webs used to fingerprint whiskeys. I’m certainly worried about all the counterfeit Jim Beam that’s probably circulating.

Another British Queen who isn’t gonna let coronavirus stop him.

Which one of you didn’t show up to comment this morning?