A CIA operative performing his duties

Is “Hump Day” even a concept anymore? Hell, I almost need to look at an actual monthly calendar to know what day of the week it is anymore. But that probably has as much to do with me not really working on a weekly schedule anymore.  I’ve lost the concept of the five-day work week over the past three years. The past couple of weeks have probably made it that way for a lot of you as well. And that’s all for sports news.

Steinem in better days

CIA cover-up participant Jack Ruby was born on this day. He shares it with director David Lean, legendary sportscaster Howard Cosell, onetime Playboy bunny Gloria Steinem, “The Queen Of Soul” Aretha Franklin, actor Paul Michael Glaser, genius singer-songwriter Elton John, horse-faced actress Sarah Jessica Parker, comedian Doug Stanhope, and auto racing waste-of-space Danica Patrick.

Gee, there were a couple heavyweights on this list. Some of the best in their field, IMO. And there’s also Danica Patrick. Anyway, let’s move on to…the links!

What, me worry?

Prince Charles has finally been corona-ted. I guess all those public appearances he’s made in close contact with groups of people might have not been a good idea.

Here’s a tweet for you to read. Jesus, these people have no fucking shame whatsoever.

Meet the next Neal Peart. Man, them’s some fast hands.  That kid’s gonna be able to start fires when he starts jacking it in 6-7 years.

All that blubber may come in handy soon. Those candles and lamps aren’t gonna fill themselves once the corona destroys the power grid.

Rand Paul defends his choice to not self-quarantine. In saner times, his explanation would be acceptable. But not with all the pants-shitting going on.  Hell, I just wish he’d take the Senate floor and filibuster again. Like this week. And shake everybody’s hand and thank them for being there.

It’s a metaphor

Looks like the spending bill is a done deal. I don’t think we’re gonna like what’s in it once we’re allowed to read it.

That dog won’t hunt. But he’ll sure sell some chocolate eggs.

Hope you all enjoy this. It’s a lovely song.

Now go have a great day! I’m gonna get the boat on the water before it hits 90 degrees this afternoon.