Our Hosting Service’s tech support…

Dear Glibertariat: We have all noticed some instability in the website. We wish that this instability were not the case. Truly, we do. SP (our unpaid helper/volunteer) is on it, but volume of work and requests is unusual, and staffing with our hosting service is currently limited. While 99% of you have borne this with good grace and humor, please remember that braying loudly about a known problem is similar to a grown-ass man bitching loudly about a child fussing on an airplane; it just makes things worse, the child can’t help himself, but the grown-ass man can. Don’t be the grown-ass man behaving like a whiny bitch.

Thank you for your patience.

– The Gibertarians.com Staff (AKA “TPTB”)


Oh, and open post in the comments!