Happy Passover and/or Good Friday for our Jews, Christians and/or Jews for Jesus. Happy National Farm Animals Day for everyone else. I’m not even going to try to do a COVID-19 free links.

  • It’s weird to realize that feeling like this work week has dragged on forever is a blessing now. TGIF!
  • God damned Millenials with their spring breaking during a crisis!
  • It’s time for the people of China to rise up against their oppressive government.
  • BoJo on the mend!
  • My hometown in Korea and epicenter of the Korean epidemic (totally unrelated facts, I’m sure) has reported zero new cases for the first time since February. Unfortunately the number of people thought to be recovered who have tested positive for the virus there has increased.
  • NYC is breaking out the potter’s field. While Italy struggles to keep up with burying its dead.

And some music.