I just wanted to take a moment this evening to point out some of the resources on Glibertarians.com which you may have forgotten exist, if you ever knew. I’d encourage bookmarking any you want to revisit, although they are all to be found in the various menus and the sidebar on the front page of the site.



The Untold Story of the DoD’s Anthrax Vaccine Program, Serialized

This page puts the excellent and rage-inducing tale from Ozymandias in regular book order, instead of the usual reverse order of blogs. Do check it out. But take your BP meds first.



Available downloads include books, as well as Defense Distributed’s plans. Thanks to Dbl Eagle for the latest batch of books on stoicism. If you have copyright free resources (or creative works of your own) you’d like to make available for fellow Glibs, just drop me a note.


Contributing Writers

The spot to easily find all the articles by an individual author. To see all the pieces by TPTB, go here.


Monocle: A Guide for Users and Abusers

Trashy’s enhancements to the regular, sadly-lacking, WordPress reading experience.


Loads of good, non-medical (!), advice, support, and interaction resides on these posts. Thanks to all those who have contributed content to keep this going. Currently helmed by Chafed.



Answers to some actual FAQS, along with the Iron Laws, links to books you might want to explore on Amazon, and the permanent link to Tonio’s “A Noob Guide to Glibertarians.com”


Thanks, as always, to everyone who makes Glibertarians.com the little outpost of sanity that it is.


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