This is the end of my second week of shelter in place/cower in place/safer at home/ whatever the fuck my incompetent governor calls it. I’m already done with it.  I had four unproductive days.  The fifth day was productive only because I went into my office.  Since I was the only one in it, I suppose that was some good social distancing.

This lockdown is screwing with my mind, my attitude, and my finances.  This is all I could think of for a while.  If only my governor’s mother practiced what he preaches.

My mind is definitely not where it needs to be. I did manage to workout and even improve in some areas.  But for the most part, my focus just wasn’t there.  What was interesting (to me) is that when it was, I managed some pretty significant improvement.

Up to this week, when I jumped rope for conditioning my total time never exceeded seven minutes.  In one of my few moments of clarity this week, I asked myself, WWGD?  “Fuck this shit” came the reply.  So, I went for it.  Twelve and half minutes later I was done.  I felt good.  I knew that threshold was self-imposed, in the rearview mirror, and will continue to shrink from view.

I’m not sure why but that made me think of this exchange from last week:

How we measure our progress is critical.  Whether it’s for fitness, business, personal or other goals, I recommend The Gap And The Gain by Dan Sullivan.  Sullivan is the cofounder of The Strategic Coach.  I was in the program years ago.  His advice has been excellent and applicable in many areas of life.  You can get a free PDF copy here.  It’s short and well worth a read.

For you lazy bastards that are going to comment TL;DR, here is the quick and dirty version.  We have some goal, often idealized, that we want to reach. We make some progress, compare that to goal, see it doesn’t match, and feel failure.  Kennedy says compare your progress to where you started.  You will see a mismatch.  That’s your reason to feel good while you keep progressing toward your goal.  Now go read it so you get the full picture.

While we figure out a way to throw off the shackles of our overlords, here is a little ditty to keep you moving forward.