Starting at 0030 PDT Friday morning, just a few short hours from now, the site will be offline for 6-8 hours while we perform some significant server work to address the late unpleasantness.

As you all know, the recent cowering in place orders have resulted in a rapid and drastic increase in our site traffic. When the tech support folk and I started looking into the issues early last week, the site had already received over 200,000 page views for the month. The server capacity we’ve slowly been adding over the last three years is no longer sufficient to handle the influx. Frankly, when this whole Glib experiment started, I don’t think TPTB imagined that we’d still be here and going strong 3+ years later. I certainly didn’t.

We’ve now had nearly 4700 posts (articles) published and are just about at 1.5 million comments. All y’all talk a LOT.  😉

I’m hopeful that this upcoming work will go a long way toward ameliorating the issues, although it may not be a complete fix since there is just no way to project the traffic we will receive going forward. We’ll keep evaluating and see what needs to happen.

All that said, there are no guarantees in life and especially here at Glib HQ. Projects like this tend to have unforeseen issues, so don’t expect us to be back tomorrow until you see us!

Thanks to everyone for making this little community a wild success. Thanks to those who have been able and inclined to throw a few bucks toward keeping the lights on around here. It’s appreciated.


Also, Open Post!