Hi guys. How’s it going? I got news today that my job is like Jesus. Its been resurrected, but (as of now) its only going to hang around a little while. Still, I’m (probably, nobody actually has a plan at my company, so its work if you can bill and see ya when you can’t) two paychecks closer to surviving the madness. That’s how I’m going about it right now. Get to the next paycheck. I know some of you didn’t get good news like that, so I count myself fortunate.

In India, someone got sikh of the whole Singh, and took action.

AOC says unifiying behind Biden should be “uncomfortable for everyone”. Especially the ladies.

Tampa Bay Times says Florida Man should be the sequel to Tiger King.

Dear John Oliver, the day I am released from my current employment, I would love to be ‘mistreated’ as an Amazon employee.