Took my kids fishing yesterday. The little one caught a fish. No humans were hooked. So that was pretty cool. Nothing better than seeing a tiny child trying to reel in a fish on a tiny rod. We should do more fishing, but I need to figure out a faster way to bait and cast. Man, I wasn’t able to keep two kids’ rods in the water. I guess I could just use lures, but that would lower the catch count from one to zero. Anyhow, that’s great. Fish were biting, beaches reopen on Friday. I’m starting to see the end of the dark cloud. Man, if they would just re-open the bars so I could go get a drink away from my family, I’d be in tall cotton.

I think this is fair. Congress has to pay Obamacare bills that they promised to pay.

What? There are hidden costs to extending the quarantine?

Hope Hicks is back for 2020.

Karens exposed by Missouri Sunshine Law. I kind of like it.