sácame de esta maldita casa

Okay how do I normally do this…I toss up the Mexican Flanders, say something inane and mention I am out to grab a box donuts and toss out a few links?

Maybe I’ll put in coin in Hotei’s plate.

New Yorkers are struggling with the surge of dead bodies amidst the spread of Corona Virus.  Did I say New York?  Sorry, I meant Ecuador.

Trump sends warships to the Caribbean in an effort to get Maduro.  Apparently this includes the Coast Guard.

Mandating a recession in the world’s largest economy will have lingering effects to other countries down the line, which seems obvious when somebody says it out loud.

More fun with cruise ships.

If you have no running water, wouldn’t your first concern be cholera, dysentery, malaria, bubonic plague, or some other nasty parasite?

What do you know?  There is some good news in all of this.


This ought to perk up your morning.