Good evening, Glibs.

I am definitely getting too old for all-nighters, but we seem to have achieved a more stable server situation.

However, some people are still complaining of continuing 503/504 errors.

Please clear your site cookies and empty your browser cache. If after doing so, you still experience problems, please send me an email or tech support form telling me exactly the error you are receiving, where you are located, the time you received the error, and if it resolved.

Since we did a full server migration and not just some maintenance, the site’s permanent IP address has changed. Additionally, we have added extra security layers, since, while I could identify much of the intense IP traffic as certain registered users, we suspect that at least some of the traffic spikes were indeed bots.

This extra security means that some individual comments may take longer to post than you were used to. We use the site more like a forum than a regular blog, but we can’t really expect it to behave as one.

So, in conclusion, I’d like to invite you to your Sunday Night Open Post!