Day 267, The Brady Bunch has stopped and Frozen is now on loop.  Disney Plus has become an instant regret. Pray for Banjos.


After the unprecedented war-like spending to combat the plague, Trump puts out call for severe austerity measures.




10 pieces of pork in the ginormous shit sandwich that was passed.


Who the fuck cares?  It’s like a family stopping their child from buying bubble gum from a machine after maxing out their credit cards, getting a second mortgage, and borrowing from every loan shark in town.


Mexican drug cartels struggling to get supplies.


Media triggered by My Pillow converting their factories to make masks and by biblical versus, and yet ecstatic by Pornhub donating masks and porn.


Horowitz finds errors in all 29 FISA warrant application he reviewed.


Our fearless media is blacking out Biden’s sexual assault allegation.


MLB Season likely to start without fans.


Interview of the fantastic Thomas Massie.  Highly recommend a listen if you have a half hour to spare.


That’ all I got for today, I’ll leave you with a song and move along with my day.