So called oblong shapes that travel skies, aren’t what we realize ,

are shaped toward our leaning eyes, alone,

hovered, touching the Sky, We float into the blinding Sun,

that we can never return from,

 Horizons glimmer in a distance field,

in shapes not pondered,

til Grey and gloom, my witness there,

my gaze, and not my Wonder

 I have walked Dark and parched lands,

and gazed into the depths of Man,

and see only Myself within,

and who again is without sin,

 To see ones self, out of time,

and walk the darkest paths,

to trade your Soul, for a bit more time?

or cast it all away?

 If you have seen the Black,

the Abyss is a friendly place,

it beckons, familiar, safe and Cold,

the inky darkness, unseen, unfolds,


 We all have our troubles,

yours and mine,

But thats not the problem,,

it’s how our problems are defined

 We see the truth, but won’t admit it,

stuffed in to Deaths closet, we are all closed,

so live life as a Coat hanger, or live in your own clothes, What?

 I live in a carpet, of lines and phrases,

and do my best to get into other peoples spaces,

 How I long to be away from this place,

as a Cylon ship, traveling through space,

My mind is here, then it’s gone,

into deep space, where I belong,