Blue and Green,

Riverine dreams,

And thoughts I cannot forget,

the drugs I do don’t help,

Realities escape is fine, 

But the end can’t be pleasant,

Sand shifts underfoot and the current is strong,

Things flow away,

Like petals in a stream,

What is left behind,

And what still confronts us,

Is but an illusion,

While we wait,

I wake before dawn,

To the clear light,

And seek serenity,

Or maybe oblivion,

Either works for the sunlight fades,

Broken and lost,

As I rage against the dying light,

Is any of this worth it now,

Or a sad waste of time,

Play to forget,

And buy some time,

Hope for help,

But ultimately,

We are alone,

Summer twists in the future,

Heat, wind and money,

If you work for it,

But that won’t help,

Blue and Green is the River,

Peaceful and calm,

Misery floats away,

In a warm wind,