“Nobody talk to the NCAA”

Kansas is about to have the NCAA hammer drop on them. Oregon’s governor said no sports with crowds through at least the end of September (which fucks me over, oddly enough). And the UFC is gonna make a fortune this weekend by not being pussies. And that’s sports.


Barbed wire creator John Gates was born on this day. He shares it with the man who ended WW2 with a bang Harry Truman, American golfer Francis Ouimet (I recommend “The Greatest Game Ever Played” as an excellent movie, btw), blues legend Robert Johnson, epitome of heroic defiance and great human being Mordecai Anielewicz, comedic actor Don Rickles, heavyweight champ Sonny Liston, novelist whose book was made into an undisputed (by intelligent people) great film Peter Benchley, rocker Ricky Nelson, and football coach Bill Cowher.

Good list. A couple of legendary people on it. But we have to move on to…the links!


Two pieces of shit will face justice. Good call. I hope they rot.

The story that caused a million heads to explode yesterday. It’s either an indictment of the FBI (I think it is), or it’s the end of rule of law in America (which it most certainly is not). I hope I get to repeat the previous headline about pieces of shit facing justice very soon, because heads should roll over this.

Some good news. So much for the meat shortage, amirite?

More good news! Governor Abbott slammed this idiot judge, as well as the Meal Team Six cops who went overboard in West Texas the other day, after issuing the revised order. He’s a great governor.


Prince Andrew just can’t catch a break. Well, aside from not facing charges for being a child rapist, I guess.

What could possibly go wrong? I have an idea: anybody that was in jail for a non-violent offense doesn’t need one and anybody that’s in jail for a violent crime needs to stay in jail. And then they can use the monitors on all cops.  Problem solved, Chicago!

::cough::BULLSHIT::cough:: Put up or shut up, Newsom. Because this sounds like scapegoating.

Want to know how to drive kids to private schools or homeschooling? This is how you accomplish that. What’s with people making stupid declarations like this and what the Oregon governor are doing?  It’s several months away. Stop trying to “out-care” each other and wait until you have more information, you bunch of dumbasses.

Get the blood pumping this morning. You’re welcome.

Now have a great day and a better weekend, friends!