This is a tough week to write this column. Is it a column? An article?  Do I have a byline? I’m already confused. But I digress.

It’s Memorial Day weekend. In the before times I would have assumed most of you are away for the weekend, drinking way too much, and generally raising hell. In CoronaPanic™ times, I assume most of you are at home drinking way too much. Fitness advice just doesn’t seem like a good fit for this weekend.

What else is there to talk about on Memorial Day? Guns. No, ZARDOZ covered the gift of the gun Friday night. Beer. No, Mexican Sharpshooter did that yesterday.

How about the freedom we increasingly seem to be taking for granted? A number of us, including me, predicted violence if the lockdown wasn’t lifted by the weekend. We were wrong. I’m not advocating violence but I’m starting to wonder what it will take to get through to our betters.

Here in California there is a mixture of hope and fear that our ohsoenlightened governor is allowing some parts of the state to move into “accelerated phase 2.”   Governor “Please look at me I really want to be President” Newsom repeatedly claims he is being guided by “the science.” Top Men and all that I suppose.  I’m confused enough about the purported value of the various forms of coronavirus testing.  Then I read the CDC has been conflating antibody testing with virus testing making epidemiological results all but meaningless.  But I’m supposed to believe this is all being guided by science rather than his lust for authoritarian control or typical government incompetence.  Pull my other leg governor.

The people of Michigan are far more accommodating than I would have thought possible.  There have been more than a few stories about VP wannabe and current Governor Whitmer.  Her nonsensical order about which businesses to close has caused a lot of heartburn.  Karl Manke, a barber, told her to go pound sand.  Of course, the state tried to crush him.  It looks like Manke has had the last laugh when a judge refused to order him to shut down.  I’m sure it is mere coincidence she then extended the Michigan’s “Safer At Home” order to June 12. No doubt that’s what “the science” requires.

Of course, government protected the most vulnerable among us.  Governor Cuomo never ordered people infected with coronavirus to be placed in nursing homes.  He certainly didn’t deliberately undercount the number of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.  Governor Newsom never did it.  Governor Murphy certainly didn’t do something that cruel.  These proponents of maximalist Karening did a great job of protecting the most vulnerable people in their states. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

The passivity of most of our fellow citizens is simply bewildering to me. I thank our Founders (and ZARDOZ) for the gift of the gun. History has taught (((me))) what happens to people who don’t fight back when threatened. Let me know in the comments what you believe it will take for the normies to understand they too are threatened.

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