Well, my wife and kids just left to go to the beach. So that’s freaking excellent. Everyone will be in a better mood. Especially after I drink a margarita while they’re gone. Seriously, though. I’m preparing for a return to normalcy. I paid my bills, cut my hair, trimmed my beard, and started exercising again. Our long dark nightmare is… coming to a close, at least here. If they’d just open the gyms, I could live my life again.

The Dean of the U of Illinois Business School seems to have accurately analyzed and mitigated one of the more substantial risks to their business model. So that must be the exception of the “he who can’t do, teaches; and he who can’t teach administers”.

The Secretary of the Senate rejects Tara Reade document request by Biden.

Clarence Thomas asks a question!

I’m glad to know that the question of how to rave in a pandemic has now been answered by technology. Don’t see a place for the whippits cannister, though.


Oh hell, why not, we’ll throw down some old electronic music.