Ahh… the gyms reopened here in Pinellas County, Wang State today. I showed up 10 minutes after the gym opened and stood in a line to get in. It was really nice to lift weights again. I’m happy to report from close study that several of the ladies have found ways to keep fit. Slightly sadder to report that I will be arrested if I ever “accidentally” enter the ladies locker room again.

Hey, imagine that. The guy who shot up Pensacola NAS has ties to Al Qaeda.

Scientist says that just because scientific code is often buggy, poorly organized, and outsiders can’t figure out what its doing, doesn’t mean its wrong. Eh, I only dropped out of a hard-science grad program, but that’s not how I remember the scientific method working.

Baseless! attacks. Not like the well substantiated Steele dossier. We live in the best timeline. I’ll rise to Sleepy Joe’s defense. He seems to be more of an equal opportunity groper. Pedophilia is too selective.

Having a face mask did this new father some good.