So here is a contentious issue.  Do you support the State’s ability to draft you into servitude?  Or do you look forward to rectifying justice in your corner of the world?

Up front I’ve got to say that I am a proponent of the justice system of the US in theory.  Defendants are assumed innocent (stop laughing) and justice is supposedly blind (no, really!).  

Of the power available to the individual it seems, to me, that the only check on the power of the police state is the option of jury nullification.  If not specifically prohibited by the individual states then it is a legitimate way to put a check on government overreach.

The common cliché is that no one wants to sit on a jury.  If you could make a change, would you do jury duty?  OK, even if you couldn’t make a change, would you sit in justice over laws that you might agree with?