This helps.


I gots the Rona blues. Beautiful day though. Most of the garden is in for the season.


A discussion elsewhere regarding Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and sci-fi in general. Debate ensued.

“Anyway, Card argues that sci fi and fantasy stories can be focused on 1 of 4 things: milieu, idea, character, or exposition. SW films are milieu stories. If you judge them by ideas, character, or exposition you’re doing it wrong.”



Now the links!


Muhrica! “You government ‘tards had your chance, we’re bored.


This whole Rona thing is going to have major repercussions in our society. I wonder if the Dems are finally going to pay the piper? It’s pretty clear who’s running the most totalitarian states right now.


It’s bad enough that we have hate birds, birds that hate, now we have Murder Hornets.


The fat kid returns. Whatever was wrong with him, it looks like they drew blood gases at some point.


If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it isn’t a duck billed platypus.


A little Traveling Wilburys for tonight.