SP and I amused ourselves by watching the Libertarian Party presidential debates. I kinda wish we hadn’t- the quality of the candidate offerings was dreadful, ranging from a power-lusting psycho bitch to a power-lusting unhinged accountant to an actual retard in a bowtie to a doddering has-been to… well… Vermin Supreme. John Stossel hosted, did a terrific job, asked excellent questions, and kept things under control far better than the more conventional networks did with the Team Blue debates. However, he couldn’t hide his contempt for the best candidate in the group, the peripatetic freak show Vermin Supreme. But you know what? Vermin was articulate and very, very entertaining. Far more articulate than Trump, and significantly more entertaining. Obviously vastly less senile than Biden. We’re considering an endorsement. Sadly, he wasn’t wearing his head-boot, but we forgave him for that.

Jesse.in.mb observed that, without that headgear, Vermin and I looked remarkably similar. I’m not sure if that was supposed to be an insult, but SP seemed to agree with him. Shit.

The VP debates were absolutely awful- bad production values, terrible moderator, technical glitches, poor preparation. The candidates were somewhat better, with Larry Sharpe able to actually form complete sentences. Well, it was a way to pass the evening.

There’s no shortage of birthdays today: for example, a very binary fellow; a guy who was hypnotic; Sloopy’s spirit animal; “Bab’s your uncle“; a guy whose legacy is generations of shitty cars; proof that lightning can strike twice in the same place; a guy who had the shining; a rather chaotic fellow; a rather synthetic fellow; and a guy who should have been the Team L candidate for president.

News, yes, let’s.


OK, normally I don’t take pleasure in the pain of others. But sometimes I just can’t help it. Politicians fall somewhere below lab rats in my degree of empathy.


There’s downsides and upsides to the mask part of Covid Theater.


Outrage Theater meets Senile Dementia. Hijinx ensue.


Local politics here is an active breeding ground for retarded insanity.


An anonymous source says that some people talked about something. The world is going to end because of Orange Man. Ladies and gentlemen, today’s journalism.


“Go make me a sammich!”


(((They)))’re casual about it because (((they))) invented it and they know that if it’s one of (((their))) own, (((they))) can cure it. Fuck, I wore out my parenthesis key.


We’ve been assured by Team Blue that voter fraud is basically nonexistent.



Old Guy Music is a band I saw live two or three times and… I have no words. They were ridiculously good.