Not at my best. SP and I had a rollicking evening which featured beet greens, garlic, fresh eggs, and Clos de Briords. And we’re delighting in seeing more and more open rebellion, with massively damaged respect for government. The local news covered the big Air Force flyover in Phoenix, and they made the mistake of having their chat window open for viewer comments. My hopes for the future of America have increased greatly after seeing what things dominated the comments… Traffic was back to normal yesterday, and the only places we saw masks were in the upper class areas of Scottsdale. It’s too goddamn hot for that shit.

Birthdays of the day comprise a guy who kept me alive in my flying days; a do-gooder with a camera; the (((pride))) of Milwaukee- and one tough lady; a guy who always had his hands on his organ; one more great musician who was a fucking moron and made sure we all knew it; a Nobel laureate who probably wrote the best science book for laymen I’ve ever seen; a guy who had a very full life… but wait, there’s more!; a do-gooder who actually IS a do-gooder; and finally, Spud’s man-crush.

Let’s dooze the nooze.


They are rebelling. Everywhere.


I know, let’s put more troops here.


I blame the rapid expansion of trailer parks.


Outrage Theatre.


Florida Man doin’ it right.


…and then the Mayor went to get her hair done.


“With the Michael Malice endorsement in hand, I’m a shoo in. Or shoe-inn.”


Team Red: “We can do stupidly political shit with the spending spree just as well as Team Blue.”


OK, listen up NFL: if you fuck this season, I’ll be in the militia. I mean, with storylines like this and this, we HAVE to be back on the field.


Old Guy Music today features an amazing lineup behind Clifford Brown- I love what Max Roach does with his hi-hat. And Clifford is… Clifford. Absolutely on fire. They don’t make ’em like that any more. Harold Land smokes on sax, Richie Powell on piano… just… holy shit.