No chop Bebe!

Grüezi mitenand!

I got called out of the bullpen for this morning…Maybe that will let me skip the next Cryptid Advice Panel hosting duty. *glares at Mexican Sharpshooter*

Thanks to my fellow Glibs TPTB, I will be sharing WISDOM with you. Yes, the interwebz is full of wisdom – you just need to go out and get it.

  • Politician dispenses wisdom to the masses. OK, not really the masses. More like the jet set. But it is still Wise. (h/t
  • This link is a combo of the wisdom of SugarFree and OMWC. OMWC brought the link to my attention, and SugarFree had me thinking….”Hate Birds Strike Again”. While ol’ Slow Joe says they were “cheering” all I could hear is “FINGERBANG!” – thanks SF…
  • Boy, my face is a bit red. It appears the Swiss Army took you commenters’ wise advice about “boating accidents” a bit too far.
  • I am not sure how wise this is, but they are inviting people with a sound currency.

Special Music Link: HM shared this rare video of STEVE SMITH with me. A wise choice, HM.