Fun times for me today.  Just listening to coworkers on Zoom hyperventilating over ZOMG MUH COVID SPIKES!  Which is par for the course I suppose, this is a health plan I work for, if anybody is going to go full retard over this, its these people.


Now on to the links!

Juan Orlando Hernandez, the President of Honduras, was hospitalized with Coronavirus.  Don’t know where Honduras is?  Don’t worry about it.  Don’t know who that is?  Nobody you really need to know, even Mexicans ignore him.

Coming soon to PornHub…Brazilians develop…”Hug Tunnels” that will allow you to hug your relatives through plastic sheeting.

Six American oil executives jailed in Caracas.  But don’t worry, Venezuelan law guarantees prisoners have the right to preventative health measures against COVID-19 or any other disease.

Surely, there must be something besides the plague in the news…Colombia delivers!

An interesting opinion piece against birthright citizenship.

A main argument against automatic birthright citizenship is that, the granting country gives up its sovereign right to decide who can become citizen. Birthright citizenship disempowers the existing citizenship.

A just government relies on a social contract freely entered into by free citizens. Thus, the scope and authority of that social contract extends only to those citizens that have agreed to be bound by the provisions of the contract. This is the essence of citizenship. So, as the argument goes, a social contract where anyone can join in defiance of the community of existing members is no social contract at all. Birthright citizenship is inherently self-contradictory.


Here’s some tunes.  Have a good afternoon.