Happy Friday, y’all. Today is my official last day of working as an employee. Monday I start my own gig, being my own boss, and probably having an asshole for a boss. As such, I’ll be leaving you guys in the care of other links providers for next week, and perhaps beyond depending on what sort of routine shakes out. I’m excited. And nervous.

Let’s start with Florida Man fighting off 13 foot gator to save his dog. Bruh. I’m not sure I love my kids that much. ‘Specially now that I’m about to have 2 spares to the heir.

Karen picks fight with Florida Man over going wrong way in store aisles.

More proof that the global anti-fascist movement is just another face of the International v. National Socialist fight. Juche vs. Soviet? None of the above.

And this wasn’t a policy before… why?