No sports, really. Baseball season is still up in the air and the big soccer matches are over the weekend. There’s a little bit of public shaming going on, but none worth mentioning as far as I’m concerned. Monday will be a full update, I assure you.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Mathematician, physicist, and philosopher Blaise Pascal was born on this day. He shares it with royalty-wrecker Wallis Simpson, comedic legend Moe Howard, baseball god Lou Gehrig, actor Louis Jourdan, dragster Shirley Muldowney, human rights leader Aung San Suu Kyi, novelist Salman Rushdie, Heart’s Ann Wilson, singer/dancer and power-drinker Paula Abdul, The British version of “The Hair” Boris Johnson, and all-around great kid Justice Forall Sloopy Juneteenth Spicer.

That’s a quality list as far as I’m concerned. But we have to move on to…the links!

We don’t deserve him.

Trump tweets a satirical meme and twitter flips out. Of course they do.  If they hadn’t, the left would have lost their shit even more. I wonder if the same standard will be applied to those on the opposite end of the political spectrum. Well, I don’t really wonder that, since there have been plenty of chances and they’ve never seemed willing to apply the standard equally. Oh, and in case you wanted to watch and have a chuckle, here it is.

I guess the police are capable of doing actual police work from time to time. Hey dummy, you wear all black and cover your tats when you decide to burn shit up. That’s like Rioting 101-level stuff.  Enjoy prison.

I knew this was coming next. And I would fully expect it to continue until they’re forcibly stopped. Which I also fully expect as the next stage of this soft rebellion gets started in earnest.

“Now where did I leave that handle of vodka?”

Nancy Pelosi has solved racism! Oh wait, no she didn’t.  In fact, she had no idea the people whose portraits she was removing even did anything racist until it was pointed out to her a few days before. So she’s just signaling to the people who want history erased that she’s on their side.

This guy is a would-be tyrant. The sooner he’s ushered out of the spotlight, the better. Fuck him and his little edicts.

Get a load of this stupid asshole. Hey buddy, they’re not trespassing until you ask them to leave and they refuse.  Also, you’re stupid. And an asshole.

“Old man Lightfoot?!?!”

Get a load of this stupid asshole (part 2). Get over yourself. Not everything is racist. Also, you’re stupid. And an asshole.

You’re free to not go if you don’t feel safe. Problem solved.

Ooh, look. Another boogeyman. See, this is the real danger, people. It’s not the people looting, rioting, and ripping down statues. It’s that elusive boogaloo movement that will be the real threat. Not the people who are literally trying to destroy America right this minute.  Lol, sure thing.

Ending the week strong. Enjoy.

Now go have a great day and an even better weekend, friends!