Mackenzie Hughes went low at The Travelers. NASCAR showed the world “the noose”. But the real story is across the pond, as Liverpool, the most storied and greatest franchise in all of English soccer, won the league after a 30-year drought. Eat it, Mancunian scum.

About to say something stupid.

Physicist and mathematician William Thomson was born on this day. He shares it with hockey legend George Hainsworth, actor Peter Lorre, aircraft titan Bill Lear, athletic great Babe Didrikson Zaharias, rocker Larry “The Mole” Taylor, musical genius Mick Jones, crooner Chris Isaak, another singer Patty Smyth, comic Mark McKinney, cyclist Greg LeMond, Berlin’s Terri Nunn, NFL player and idiot commentator Shannon Sharpe, filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, actor Nick Offerman, baseball player Derek Jeter, Moto GP legend Max Biaggi, donut-licker Arianne Grande, and the lovely Aubrey Plaza.

That was definitely a late 20th Century-heavy list.  Now on to…the links!


This fear-mongering bullshit is getting ridiculous. How are the death numbers, assholes? Because that should matter a lot more than the case numbers, especially with increased testing. Oh wait, that won’t help get rid of Trump though, so it gets ignored.

Have any of these assholes read the constitution? Look, this is easy: cede the residential areas of DC to Maryland and shrink the government district to what it should be.

Best of luck with that. Let us know how it works out.

Fact check: true

Get woke, go broke watch your stock price drop like a stone. I’m sure their shareholders are just thrilled.

Something nobody watched will now be attended by…nobody. That’s ok, Hollywood. You can give virtual pats on the back and virtually virtue signal to each other.

Uh, but that’s what they do. ::SMDH””

Will this story never end? Actually, I almost hope it doesn’t. It’s great comedy.


I’m sure Roberts will quash this as well. He can always do what he does best: legislate from the bench.

No, it’s not Culture Club. But it is a dude wearing makeup.  Enjoy.

Now have a solid Friday and a great weekend, friends!